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AMA Houston 2019 Crystal Awards

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  1. Each entry must be represented in its original format and must have been produced or implemented or run during the 2018 calendar year by a firm or individual located in Texas. If the entry was directed by a company, or a branch office of a company, and produced by another entity (agency, production firm, etc.), at least one of those must be located in Texas. It is acceptable for the work to have been for another geographic market as long as there was a Texas location involved in its direction or production.

  2. The firm or individual submitting the entry must have been involved in the direction, development, production and/or implementation of the submitted entry.

  3. Each entry must be prepared according to these guidelines and digital requirements listed below. An entry that fails to follow these guidelines and the digital requirements is subject to disqualification.

  4. The judging committee may move an entry to a different category and/or divide or merge categories, as it deems appropriate.

  5. The decisions of the judging committee and the judges are final.

  6. No entry fee will be refunded due to an entry’s disqualification, or after the entries are judged.


FEES & KEY DATES for 2019

Early-Bird Entry Deadline:
Friday, March 8th
$85 per entry for AMA members
$135 per entry for non-members 

Entry Deadline:
Friday, March 29th at midnight!  **No extensions in 2019. 
$110 per entry for AMA members
$160 per entry for non-members

First week of April 2019

Finalists Announced:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Awards Show:
Thursday, May 23, 2019 at Bayou City Event Center 

Visit our Crystal Awards site to learn more.